my teeth are stained a kind of yellow

Q. Hi Ok i hate my smile, my teeth are stained a kind of yellow and i have cavities.My biggest fear in the world is the dentist everytime i go i have a panic attack and it makes the treatment more stressfull for me and the dentist. I wonder if you can help me, by having sleep dentistry is it possible for me to have fillings, teeth whitened etc all in one go whilst asleep? Then i feel that if i had a better smile then i would take proper care of my teeth. The problem is that im ony 16 can i still have treatment done at this age? and roughly how much would it cost? If you could let me know then it would be great, because having a new,nicer smile would give me the confidence that i need and you would be a lifesaver. x

A. There are dentists that can carry out treatment under sedation. There may be an NHS sedation clinic near you but they wouldn’t whiten your teeth. You can have yur treatment carried out privately, obviously this is more expensive. Depending on whats wrong with your teeth the price could vary from £500 to £1000’s. It is very difficult to tell without examining your teeth
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October 21st, 2009 at 08:47 PM
Ryan Says :

Hi im in loads of pain alot of the time with my tooth its the 2nd 1 to the left at the top its split 1 side and becase its near to the front i dont really wanna lose it what can be done and does it cost much ? if it does is there any cheap way around it as i dont get much spending money and allso i havent been to the dentist in years will i be able to get in a MHS denist in 22 years old

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