Cosmetic dentistry abroad and dental tourism

Dental tourism: in search of more affordable cosmetic dentistry

As a result of ever-increasing patient waiting lists and skyrocketing dentistry costs, the trend of seeking restorative and cosmetic dental care in foreign destinations has been on the rise in the UK.


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The advantages of seeking dental care abroad are manyfold:

  • Significant price savings costs being only a fraction of those in the UK.
  • First-class treatment in the most advanced facilities on par or better than the UK.
  • The prospect of a vacation in a foreign country lovely locales, added on with vacation cum treatment packages offered by the dental clinics abroad.

The popular treatments sought include dental implants, crowns and bridges and cosmetic dental treatments. The dental clinics in the foreign destinations make your choice easier through online pre-treatment and telephone consultations with their dentists; they will also assess your needs, concerns and expectations beforehand. In this way, the patient gets familiarised with their dentist prior to their arrival in the clinic for the treatment.

Some of the popular destinations to seek cosmetic dentistry abroad include: