Lumineers: minimal preparation veneers

lumineers veneer picture
  • Cost: £500 - £800 each
  • Treatment length: 2 - 3 weeks
  • Used for: crooked, twisted & stained teeth, gaps & smile makeovers
  • Available: From Lumineers certified dentists only

What are Lumineers?

Lumineers are a special type of ultra-thin veneers by Cerinate. Just like traditional veneers, Lumineers can reshape your smile and give you that perfect smile makeover. They can cover gaps between teeth and enhance the appearance of worn-down and discoloured teeth.

before lumineers veneer smile
after lumineers veneers smile
Photos showing how lumineers can transform a smile in this smile makeover case study

What is the difference between Lumineers and standard porcelain veneers?

The main difference is that Lumineers are made from a special patented cerinate porcelain that is very strong but much thinner than traditional laboratory-fabricated veneers. Their thickness is comparable to contact lenses, and so they are often called contact lenses for your teeth. The main advantage of these ultra-thin veneers is that minimal tooth preparation is required. In other words, very little - if any - of your natural tooth structure needs to be removed through shaving or grinding prior to bonding the Lumineers over your natural teeth. As a result, the procedure is often reversible, since your natural tooth structure is left intact, unlike traditional veneers, where a significant amount of your tooth structure may need to be removed. Click here read more about traditional veneers and the procedure involved.

Lumineers are so versatile that they can be placed over existing crown and bridge work, without the need to replace them. They are the perfect solution for stained, chipped, discoloured or slightly misaligned teeth.

crooked teeth with gaps smile
after lumineers for crooked teeth and gaps
Photos showing how Lumineers have changed crooked teeth with gaps to a straight white smile for this gentleman.

Can all dentists offer Lumineers?

Not all cosmetic dentists offer Lumineer veneers, as they need to be registered with the company that manufactures them. They can only be made from patented Cerinate porcelain, which is not available anywhere other than in the Cerinate Smile Design Studio in the States. In as little as two appointments with your Lumineers dentist, you can have a beautifully designed smile that is clinically proven to last over 20 years.

More Lumineers smiles:

crooked stained teeth
after lumineers for a crooked smile
The above case study shows slightly crooked and stained teeth treated with Lumineers to give a much brighter and symmetrical smile.
teeth gaps in front teeth
after lumineers to close tooth gaps and spaces
The patient above has some large gaps between his front upper teeth and these have been closed with Lumineers, giving a more uniform smile.
stained before lumineers
after lumineers to correct stained teeth
The photos above show that Lumineers can be used to treat badly stained teeth that cannot be removed my simple cleaning and improve the shape of a smile

How much do Lumineers cost?

Lumineers tend to be more expensive than traditional veneers as they are manufactured by one one laboratory that is specialised in producing these veneers. This cost can also vary depending on the dentist that fits them and thier level of expertise in this area. Expect to pay between £500 and £800 per Lumineer veneer.