Can a Gap in My Teeth be Reduced by Veneers?

I was born without the right lateral tooth and always had a gap between my front teeth. Now I am too old for braces and I had a rear molar removed in the back upper and the two front teeth have shifted over further, so much that the one front tooth is almost in the place that the lateral tooth should be in, so it is set back. I want to do veneers or Lumineers, but I am not sure what can be done. Please help. I went for a consultation and an orthodontist confirmed I am too old to start shifting teeth around but I already knew that. I left that practice because there was no alternative solution given, except root canal on a perfectly healthy tooth to shave down the length. I believe the gap can be lessened by veneers and if not corrected totally.
Hello, thank you for getting in touch. It’s difficult to say what could be done without seeing you, but the options are usually veneers, or a brace and veneers, so if you’re not keen on veneers you may not be able to solve your problems. Occasionally things could improved with cosmetic bonding, although this generally makes the teeth look a little on the large side. Perhaps get a second opinion from another cosmetic dentist to see what they suggest. Kind regards, Andrew. 
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