Would Invisalign Work on a Tooth That Sticks Out?

Hello there Dr Gambroudes. I have three crowns on my front teeth on the top row. One of these teeth sticks out noticeably and is gradually getting worse and worse. I am extremely self conscious about the way it looks when I talk and smile. I have seen my dentist, who suggests a denture. I also have had an orthodontist referral with impressions taken of my teeth. The orthodontist seems to think train track metal braces will lead me to needing to have the crowns replaced, which puts me off that idea. Would Invisalign work for me in this

situation? Thank you, I hope you can answer me. 

Hi, thank you for contacting me with your question. Invisalign works in many cases, but I’m not sure if you need to change the crown. I don’t know why your dentist suggested a denture, I think orthodontics are definitely the right solution. Perhaps go for a second opinion with another dentist/orthodontist? Best of luck, Marcus. 
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