What Should I Do About My Impacted Teeth?

I am 26 years old and have impacted canine teeeth in the gum and my baby canine’s remainin intact with some wear. I was wondering if I could get Veneers over the baby canines? I am not confident that getting the impacted canines taken down is worth my time or money at this age as the bones from my understanding are pretty fused at this point. Furthermore I’d have to get braces which is way out of my price range and comfortability!
So are Veneers or are implants the better option? Please help!
Veneering the baby tooth would work if the tooth is sound underneath. If not removal and an implant might work, the problem you may have is the permanent tooth is blocking where the implant needs to be placed. I would recommend a full consultation and scan with an experienced implant dentist before deciding whats best
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