My husband has tried dentures but has a fear of gagging. Is there any way he can get implants for missing teeth?

Q. My partner has been without teeth at all for the past 10 years, he has tried using dentures but has a phobia of gagging and cannot stand the stress of the appointments. He has social anxiety disorder and agrophobia brought on by his low self esteem due to having no teeth. He is 36 years old would he be eligible for treatment on the NHS. I have checked the schooling websites and they do not offer implants. He feels that implants would be the only way to get teeth and be able to get his life back on track. Thanks.,
A. The NHS does fund Dental Implants in a small number of cases were teeth are missing due to genetics , cancer reconstruction etc. I am not aware of anyone offering NHS treatment with implants for more general groups. Rob
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