I Am Happy With My Veneers And Now One Has Fallen Off. What Are My Options?

Hello. I need to tell you that the second veneer on one of my front teeth has fallen off! My dentist has said that there is not enough tooth left to resurface and has recommended that I have my front teeth crowned. He has now given me a quote of about £500 per tooth. I am not able to afford this at the moment and wondered if there was another solution. As at the moment one of my front teeth is not looking very attractive. I have had veneers on my front teeth for quite a long time and the other tooth still has the original veneer. I have never really been happy with the shape of the veneers as they have made my teeth look too wide and uneven. Look forward to hearing your advice. Thank you

very much Dr Patel.

Thank you. I would need to see you for a consultation in my clinic to give you some options but if you don’t like how they look, we would need to see why it is you are uncomfortable and then see what options are then available to you.
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