Dr Riten, I Need Your Help With My Loose Teeth. What Can Be Done?

Hi Dr Riten,

To cut a long story short, I am unfortunately suffering the consequences of a protracted period in my life where I never regularly went to the dentist. I have in recent years had some periodontal treatment to try to put some of this right, but I am still having problems. My teeth are actually in quite good shape, it’s my gums and bone loss that is the problem.

I now have some loose teeth, and my gums have receded to quite a large degree. I am also feeling discomfort when eating on one side of my mouth. This has dramatically worsened in the last twelve months.

I am now at a point where it is causing me to feel extremely self conscious, and, despite my nervousness at the thought of getting the situation rectified, I know I must.

I would love to attend the Mulberry Clinic, as I tend to be in the area during the week, and the glowing reports of the clinic are second to none. However, I do live in Taunton in Somerset, and was wondering if there may be somewhere more local to my home address that you could possibly recommend? Any advice would be extremely gratefully received.

Best regards.

Hello! Thank you for your enquiry, you are more than welcome to come and visit me for a chat please, so feel free to call my office. I am not to too sure about anyone I can recommend in that area but will try to find out. Best Wishes, Dr Riten.
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