Can I smile again with a crooked teeth and gum recession?

Q. I am 55 and have discloured crooked teeth with recession of gums due to long standing disease. I really want to smile. Is it possible to help me with crowns/veneers?

A. This is often a great solution to aesthetic issues following stabilization of the gum health.  Once they have been fitted it will be very important to see the hygienist 3 monthly to keep the periodontal disease under control.  Please come and see me for a free consultation for me to give you a more informed view

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January 15th, 2011 at 08:47 PM
david clarke Says :

Hi, I have gum disease, now stabalised, but my teeth have moved and are in bad shape, what can i do as this has affected my confidence and has caused depression, can i get help on NHS, ie impants etc, please can you help

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