Can I Have Veneers Placed Over My Implants?

Hello. Can I have veneers over my 3 implants? I’m not happy with my smile, I have a very small mouth and a crocked smile. My teeth don’t show much at all when I smile. I have paid £7,000 for implants at my dental practice in York. Hope you can give me some advice on this as I expected the results to be better than this, the implants are my upper 3 front teeth. I also, after 3 years, still get a numb feeling in my nose above the implants? Many thanks.
Hi, thank you for your question. Please go back and speak to the dentist(s) who treated you for advice initially.

Veneers cannot be placed on implants. You would need to have the crowns or bridges on your implants replaced or altered. In order to be satisfied with the aesthetic result you can have provisional restorations made, which are tailored to the shape you wish for (within reasonable limits). This is made from what is called a diagnostic wax up. The final implant crowns or bridges are then matched to your agreed provisional crowns. Did you make it clear at the outset of what your expectations for the visual outcome was?

Hope that helps for now. It’s always best to ask who treated you first for advice and reassurance. But you then always have a second opinion.

Kind regards, Mark.

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