My Wife Is In Need Of Seven Dental Implants. Do You Know If This Is Possible Through The NHS?

Hello Mark. My wife is in need of seven dental implants. Do you know if she can get this procedure done for free on the nhs as she is finding it hard to eat and it is causing her to be depressed. It is affecting her confidence and mental well being. We are in need of advice as we do not know where to turn to for her dentist referred her to one dental hospital, but she did not fit their criteria. Could you please give us some advice please? Thank you.
Hello and thank you for getting in touch. It’s very doubtful, especially if she has already been rejected by the dental hospital. However, as a private dentist I am unaware of the latest nhs regulations, so it might be best checking their website or give the helpline a ring. If you’d like to find out more information on the various dental options, such as dentures, or dental implants, it may be useful for you to have a quick look through this website. Finance and long term payment options can be arranged if that helps? It’s best to discuss these options through an appointment so that her dental condition can be accurately assessed. Regards, Mark.
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