My New Crowns Are Discoloured, What Should I Do About This?

I have recently had 9 of my crowns renewed by a cosmetic dentist. I love the shape however my front upper 4 are showing a grey blueish tint to them especially in darker light they look very grey. I have gone back to the dentist and they have agreed to change one which has particular blueish shading on the tooth. I was told that this was the post underneath showing through. Which I guess that with the other 3 it is probably the post colour underneath showing through giving a greyish look in certain light, I paid £500 per tooth. What is your advice? I was thinking about going for a second opinion?
Thanks for writing in, you’ve done the right thing in seeking an expert’s view.  If you feel you are unhappy with them speak to your dentist if one is being replaced and the others are the same then surely you have them done at the same time. If he/she does not agree get a second opinion. Hope this goes some way to helping you with your issue.
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