I Have Conflicting Consultations On How Many Implants I Should Have? It Has Left Me Confused.

Hello Dr Bohara, I hope you can help with me with my enquiry. I have had two estimates for the all-on-4 implants for my upper jaw. One clinic has quoted me £12000 for the all-on-4 and another has quoted the same price but he says he wants to do All-on-6. I am confused as to which is best is the best option. The all-on-4 guy said I didn’t need any more than four implants to be successful but the All-on-6 guy said he likes to place six and this makes me confused. Both clinics seemed professional enough and they only do implants. Can you help or advise me about a clinic near Liverpool or Manchester? I don’t need a bone graft. I am finding this to be a bit of a nightmare. Thank you I hope you can help.
It is very difficult to answer your question without examining your mouth personally. In some cases I may use 5 or 6 depending on the circumstances. In order to find a clinic that suits your needs, I recommend using the search tool on this site and checking out which do dental implants. Then speak with the dentists at the practice about your situation and they with be able to advise you appropriately. Hope this helps!
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