I Had A Bridge Fitted For Cosmetic Reasons But It’s Changed My Gum-line. Is There Anything I Can Do?

Hi Mark,

4 years ago I had 2 bridges fitted across my top front teeth for cosmetic reasons, partly to cover a discoloured tooth which had been bumped years before. When these were fitted, my gum line changed massively and looked terrible and I noticed my new tooth was discoloured like the previous one.

Now, 4 years later I am as self conscious of my new smile as I was of my old one and feel like I have paid £3000 for nothing. I have spoken to the dental practice but they have basically told me I have to live with it at the same time as admitting to me that they wouldn’t be happy using my smile as an advertisement for their cosmetic services.

What can I do if anything? 

Hello. My advice would be to seek a second opinion from a very experienced and skilled cosmetic dentist who can offer you a solution. To put things into perspective for the types of bridges you have had made, but constructed and fitted to the very highest standards of aesthetics and quality, you are likely looking at an investment more in the region of £5000-6000.
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