I Don’t Know Why My Teeth Are Breaking, I’m Scared I’ll Need A Mouth Full Of Implants. Could It Be A Vitamin Deficiency?

Hello Dr Patel. I would really like to know why my teeth keep breaking, could it have anything to do with a vitamin B12 deficiency? I’m finding I cannot afford to look after them. Is there any help I can receive? Top and bottom on both sides teeth have just snapped, I’m finding it difficult to smile and usually I’m a happy person but this is depressing me. My gums are okay though. I eat healthily and never eat sweets but I do indulge in savoury foods. My sister has had gum disease and had to have a full mouth of implants, I’m a bit scared that will be me soon.
Hello and thank you. I would need to see you to assess your teeth and bone so we can see what has happened and find some solutions. Vitamins and good diet are essential in keeping teeth healthy but there could also be an underlying cause to your tooth decay. Try to consult your local dentist as the problem could only get worse. I hope this helps, regards Dr Riten Patel.
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October 29th, 2013 at 08:47 PM

thankyou for your reply my teeth are still breaking,still think it is a deficiency,recently I had to have a tooth put in to bridge the gap I would love to know what causing my problem but my dentist isnot sure.

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