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I Don’t Know Why My Teeth Are Breaking, I’m Scared I’ll Need A Mouth Full Of Implants. Could It Be A Vitamin Deficiency?

Monday, October 28th, 2013

Hello Dr Patel. I would really like to know why my teeth keep breaking, could it have anything to do with a vitamin B12 deficiency? I’m finding I cannot afford to look after them. Is there any help I can receive? Top and bottom on both sides teeth have just snapped, I’m finding it difficult to smile and usually I’m a happy person but this is depressing me. My gums are okay though. I eat healthily and never eat sweets but I do indulge in savoury foods. My sister has had gum disease and had to have a full mouth of implants, I’m a bit scared that will be me soon.

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I Maintain A Solid Oral Hygiene Routine But My Teeth Are Rotting, What Is The Cause?

Thursday, May 23rd, 2013

Hello Dr, I am 42 years old and i continuously brush my teeth yet they keep on rotting and i do not know why. I brush my teeth in the morning and before i go to my bed. I have filled many of my teeth. Please help me. I brush my teeth in multiple ways, like circles and up and down an side ways. All of my mother’s teeth have fallen out and she has dentures in and also my brother. I am really distraught and would like to know what could be the cause of this because my confidence is being affected quite badly and I’m scared of what could happen in the future considering my mother and brother’s situations. Thank you, looking forward to your response.

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