I Am Dissatisfied With The Results From My Braces, How Much Will Veneers Cost?

Hi, I have had gotten braces which I wore for two years but i’m still not happy with the results. They are better than they used to be but I do not think that they are anywhere near as straight as they could be. My two front teeth are not the same size and one is in front of the other. They are also in different lengths. Also the teeth which is in the back are slightly slanted so I am having trouble biting sometimes. I have gone to my local dentist and they have applied some kind of glue to elongate the shorter front tooth however it keeps on chipping. I would really like to get veneers on the top teeth.How much will it cost to get veneers one the single front tooth?
Thank you for your question. It is difficult to answer your question without seeing you for a consultation. However, as a ball park figure £ 700 is the amount for one veneer at our surgery. However, I must urge you to see your dentist to see if it is possible for you to have a veneer on this tooth.

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