Hi Mark, I Really Want To Sort My Teeth Out. Would You Be Able To Recommend Any Clinics Around London?

Hi Mark. If you don’t mind I’d like to ask you a couple of questions. I really want to sort my teeth out, I’m not happy with the colour of them and would really like to straighten them, especially at the front of both the top and bottom sets. I’m a London cab driver so a clinic in London would really work out best for me. Would you be able to recommend any clinics around this area? I’m not too fussed about the cost I just want them sorted to the best standards as possible. Thanks mate, hope you can sort something out for me.
Hello, we can certainly help you. I would of course recommend one of my own clinics in London. There are three really central locations at ;

www.harleystreetdentalgroup.org. There are lots of examples here of different kinds of treatments we have carried out. Alternatively this particular website has other dentists located in and around London. Hope to hear from you soon. Kind regards, Mark.

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