Would A Mini Implant Work As Well As A Regular One For Me?

Can you say that mini implant could be used instead of implant?
How long mini implant will last?
I do not want to go with all the processing of normal implant,
To whom would you recommended mini implant?
I have loose lower right side at the end tooth and the second probably will be soon affected!
Also lower left side tree toot are missing,
Do you think that only mini implant will do the job?
How much cost mini implant compare to normal implant
Mini implants are not usually considered to be a long term option, particularly for the replacement of your back teeth. You would take a risk that the treatment may not last. The most ideal implants are those that have been thoroughly researched and that show years of excellent results and high success rates over long periods of time.

Costs very much depend on the quality of the implants used, the complexity or difficulty of your case and the skill and experience of the dentist carrying out your treatment.

I would attend for a thorough examination and consultation to be able to assess all your options.

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