Will My Insurance Pay For My Dental Treatment? And How Long Does It take To Get Dentures

I have insurance through ssi but can not find a dentist to take,my insurance . I am 34 years old and my teeth are breaking and rotting out from malnutrition as a child and on going eating disorder I don’t ever smile due to its embarrassing , i want to find a good dentist and repair my teeth my dentist only wants to pull one tooth at a time and then me to go three to six months with no teeth si would take a year to get them removed and get dentures how do I apply for financing and can a dentist just pull all in one day and does it always take three to six months to get dentures ? I live in pain from my teeth and constant embarassment I can still pass for 25 years old even still get carded not to sound concited but im s beautiful woman untill I open my mouth please help me to figure out how to get started on fixing this Urgent matter
Sorry but I don’t know about SSI insurance and what it covers you for, i doubt it will pay for your dental treatment so you may need to find a dentist who offers a payment plan to help spread the cost.
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