Why Won’t My Dentist Remove My Loose Teeth?

Hi Mark. I have very loose 2 front teeth which have been nearly knocked out so I now haven’t got no nerves going through them which makes them look sort of see through. I think they’re dying. I asked my dentist to remove them but she refused (she said they’re fine but I can see and feel how loose they have become) so I am now looking for veneers now if you can help me please as I don’t think I could cope with a palate denture. I feel that veneers are the best solution for me and I think I’ve got all of my other teeth really white just these 2 at the front, which are letting me down now and depressing me so bad. I’m not sure how I can go about getting them fixed and I’m not sure who I should visit about this now as I feel my dentist doesn’t really care that much about helping me, especially when I went about my loose teeth. 
Hi, thanks for your question. There may be several cosmetic dentistry solutions for you. Come for a thorough examination and consultation and we can go through all the solutions with you

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