Why Do My Teeth Ache all the Time?

Hi. I have been having some problems with my teeth now for some time, probably nearly a year. They ache and hurt all the time it seems. Due to this my teeth have started to move; my two front teeth now overlap causing a gap between the others next to it. I was told by the dentist this was normal and due to my jaw changing shape and my teeth rearranging to suit, but I was told it may last years and come and go. I am getting really worried now that the pain is not going to go and my teeth are going to be even less straight then they already are, and overlap further. I am also worried it’s not even this and it’s something else and my teeth might become loose and fall out.
Hello, thank you for your question. My advice is to please go and have an examination and consultation with a dentist and/or orthodontist who is very experienced in all matters of correcting the bite and facial dimensions and appearance.

Regards,   Mark.

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