Where Can I Get Good Quality Denture Treatment?

I lost most of my teeth before I was 11 due to gum disease, mal-nourishment and neglect from my parents and have been wearing dentures since I was 12 years old. I’m now 56 and have very low confidence & self esteem. I have suffered much bullying, abuse and long-term trauma and people tend not to look at me when I speak to them, but tend to look away. Three years ago I was recommended to a dentist in Watford to get advice on implants, but I was so shocked at the cost – I knew I wasn’t going be able to afford it. The dentist was quick to recommend dentures I’ve never heard about and he convinced me that these would give me a beautiful confident smile so I agreed and was made some metal dentures which have caused me no end of problems since. But every time I’ve gone back the dentist just ignores me and will not sort out the issues with the metal dentures, which are painful and quite unsightly. I’ve spent thousands of pounds on dentures, but I’ve never met a dentist with compassion or has tried to give me a reasonable smile. Is there anyone who can help me please? Thank you.
Explore your local area for experts in dental implants and/or dentures or ask for a referral from your general dentist to one of the local dental teaching hospitals (with the NHS dental hospitals there is no guarantee you will be eligible for treatment, however).  Kind regards,  Mark.
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