What Payment Options Are In Place for Extensive Dental Work?

Hi. I have horrible teeth. I’m 29. They’re crooked, loose and discoloured. I want all new teeth. I am unemployed at the minute, it’s giving me a lot of stress because I cant get a job because of my appearance. I want my two front teeth sorting out and my bottom ones. I have tried with the NHS but they are refusing to help me with this. I need my teeth sorting out it would be the best thing ever, I cant even smile at anyone because of this. I am willing to pay as much as I can up front and maybe pay the rest in bits.
In most cases where complex treatment is required and might take a couple of years to complete fully, the payments can be spread. The first step is to ascertain what your most ideal treatment plan would be. That is where good treatment always begins.

Best wishes, Mark.

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