What options are available to correct a gap in my teeth that has emerged after braces?

Q. Hi, I had braces in my mid- teens and had to have two teeth taken out. I was assured that there would be no gaps left when the treatment was completed. But there was a gap. It is not as large as the original canine was but still is large (about 3/4 mms in width). I was told I could get braces again but that the gap would re-emerge. I declined. Another dentist told me it is too small a gap for bridges to be used. I am in my mid-twenties now and I want this fixed, for cosmetic reasons but also because the other teeth are starting to slowly seperate from one another. Please provide some solutions. Thanks,
A. Dear Enquirer, If you do not wear a retainer after orthodontic treatment then unfortunately it is almost inevitable that some patients’ teeth will tend to move back to their original position. If you have braces again then you must wear a retainer at night at the end of treatment. From what you are saying, your gap of 3/4 mm can be closed using a cosmetic bonding technique, which is the application of a tooth coloured resin to the teeth either side of the gap which effectively ‘closes’ the space. This is done simply in one visit without an anaesthetic, so it may be an option for you.
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