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I have been experiencing toothache for the past three weeks

Sunday, January 18th, 2009
I have been experiencing toothache for the past three weeks or so. Before this I had have a dental exam wherein the dentist told me he’ll see me in 6 mths. Snce then I broke a tooth which turned out to be a dental carie. I had it filled and since then still am having discomfort. I am now convinced that it is the tooth beside it as it looks dark when I lift the gum during flossing. An x-ray was done which appeared normal. I have looked at the BDA website and others on dental caries and am now convinced that this tooth is the real dental pain problem. It is distressinf in that now I think the decay was visible on the x-ray, although we were looking at the tooth with the filling not at the one beside it. Am I being overly worried that this may have been missed and I may now need two root canal treatments instead of one? I have been using Diclofenac and Co-dydramol for pain relief for the last two weeks. I am also on Metronidazoe which my dentist has prescribed a few days ago. I would be grateful for your insight on this please.

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I have never been to the dentist

Wednesday, January 7th, 2009
I am 24 and i have never been to the dentist, my teeth are horrible my four front teeth are rotten and decayed, also half gone. my molars and wisdom teeth are going the same route i would like to know, will i need to have the four front pulled aand wear dentars cause i would like to smile at my son and not be afraid to open my mouth to talk…..PLEASE HELP!!!!

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I am 23 years old my teeth have started rotting

Wednesday, December 10th, 2008
I am 23 years old. I have had 3 children, and during my pregnancies my teeth started rotting, so me being pregnant, thinking I could not help. I did not go. I stopped brushing my teeth for awhile because they would hurt, my gums would be very tender and bleed (they still do). I try to brush my teeth now and I still have the same problem. I have a lot of holes, a missing k-9 tooth, a couple of rotting wisdom teeth, missing moullers. It hurts sometimes no matter what I eat. It seems as though when I chew my teeth are going to just break. I’m so afraid of losing my teeth but I’m afraid of pain and I don’t like to hear my teeth being pulled out, that sounds awful. I know I should go see a dentist and I really want to, but money is always an issue. My credit is awful but I need help so bad. My mouth is falling apart and I’m so sad about this that it almost makes me feel depressed and I don’t like to smile or even open my mouth. I don’t even like to kiss anymore!! 🙁 please help do I still have a chance?

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Hi I have a huge concern with my teeth

Monday, December 1st, 2008
Hi, I have a huge concern with my teeth. I have recently been confirmed as having enamel hypoplasia. Can you tell me anything about the etioliogy and pathology of this condition??? The destruction to my teeth is universal and quite serious. I am only 27 years old and this is a major problem for my self-esteem. I have seen a dentist specialising in oral diseases and aeasthetic surgical procedures and he sees my only option as having crowns put on all my 28 teeth (Yes! the damage is chronic!) I am just seeking a second (objective!) opinion based on this diagnosis and advice for treatment. Oh, and would the NHS provide this treatment? (Im assuming not). And another compounding issue is that I am a (struggling) student, financially independent from my parents. Speaking hypothetically, how much would this operation cost in the UK (with 3 root canal treatments also)?? Are the new ‘Procera-zirconium’ crowns the best on the market, and which crowns have the greatest resilience and longevity?? Thankyou.

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I have toothache and my teeth are in a bad state

Friday, September 19th, 2008
I have today been to an nhs dentist my teeth are in quite a state and have very bad toothache, as i am terrifed of going(burst in to tears when i got there)after examination i was told that 2 teeth need taking out. i beleve one does and asked if the other one could e root filled and a crown put on he said no that there was not anouth tooth. how much tooth does there have to be as i thougt mine had still quite a bit left. its acually 4th from the front at the top

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what should i do after my tooth cap has fallen off

Thursday, August 7th, 2008
2 years ago i had my front tooth capped as it was discloured due to having previously undergone root canal treatment on it. Recently as i was biting into a chocolate the full cap came off including the peg part of my tooth. The cap has temporarily been put back in using some kind of screw since part of my tooth is no longer there to keep it in place. I’ve been to two different dentists one saying i need a completely new cap and the other saying i just need work doing to support the existing cap. How do i know which one is right?

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My front teeth are short due to grinding and biting my nail

Wednesday, July 9th, 2008
My two bottom front teeth are very short, I think due to a habit of gritting my teeth (which I still do) and from biting my nails when I was younger. They are not unsightly and I do not have any problems with them but I wonder if they should be protected to prevent decay?


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I have yellow stained teeth and a lot of decay with silver fillings what would it cost to fix this

Monday, July 7th, 2008
I know it is hard to estimate without a consultation, but i just want to get an idea of costs. I have yellow stained teeth, and there seems to be decay between the teeths, on my lower and upper teeth. I have quite alot of silver fillings too, my dental health is poor. I am only 25 and it makes me so unhappy having horrible teeth, I always seem to be the one whos single out of my mates, I cant talk or smile properly because im afraid people will make fun of me, it makes me so unhappy and sometimes i just feel like killing myself. I cant even get a good paid job because i hate people looking at me. so I was just wondering if you could give me a rough price of how much treatement would cost, or at least a price list? I will not be able to afford it im sure, as I am in a poor paid job, and have alot of student debts, so I will properly be unhappy for the rest of my life but if you could give me an idea that would be great.


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I have had fillings on my teeth which are stained

Saturday, July 5th, 2008
Dear Dr Komal, I’ve always had problems with my teeth. A few years ago I had braces on my teeth which built my confidence up for a while and i loved to smile. But since i had my filling placed on my 2nd to front tooth and the side of my front tooth started to stain as some dentists say whilst others say its a small amount of decay, i get paranoid that people are looking at it when i smile. And i myself generally dont like to smile anymore. Its practically a dot on the side of my tooth but i feel like it looks awful. I asked my dentist to fix it but he seemed to have made it worse by placing some white fluid over it which just stained and never covered the black dot aswell. I was wondering whether you could do something about it and how much the total cost would be? Thank You


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My crown has come off my back tooth

Monday, June 23rd, 2008
My crown has fallen off my back molar. Can I eat? I can’t sleep because I’m worried. What is the worst case senario?


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