Should I Opt For Veneers Or Just Surgically Alter My Whole Mouth?

I was wondering if you could give me some information about fixing my teeth. my upper left and upper right central teeth are quite buck and stick out right. It is getting to the stage where I am ready to do something about it, it’s been something that I’ve put off for a little while so would definitely like it sorting. My teeth are generally quite wonky and I would like to get this fixed by surgery.

Roughly, how much would it cost to get this done? Would you suggest individual veneers for the buck teeth or to get my entire mouth surgically changed?

Thanks very much for your time. I hope to hear back from you soon!

Hi thanks a lot for your question. I understand how bad it can be to have wonky teeth. Regarding your front teeth I can say that there are a few options available to you, but the only way to ascertain the correct one would be after a proper consultation. So, I would really need to see you to give you the best advice you are more than welcome to call my practice. Thank you.
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