My teeth are overcrowded what is the best treatment option out of braces, dentures or implants?

I am 31 years old. I havecrowded teeth.That I have been embarassed of most of my life. They are hard to clean and painful when I eat and they ache sometimes. Are dentures a good option for me? I can’t really afford braces. I was thinking dentures would be a quick, less expensive fix. I’ve been reading about the implants that allow the dentures to snap into place for a better fit and I think that sounds like a good option. Are these a good idea? How long do dentures typically last before a replacement is needed? Please any advice would be appreciated.
Dentures probably aren’t the best long-term solution for crowding unless the teeth are in very poor condition and need to be removed anyway. You will end up with significant bone loss and possible loss of facial contour. Implants will reduce this but I’m sure implants will work out more expensive than using braces or veneers to improve the appearance of the teeth.
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