I’ve Not Looked After My Teeth. A Couple Of Teeth Are Rotten And Wonky. Should I Have Them All Removed And Replaced?

Hello Marcus.

Okay so I’m in a pretty bad situation.

I’ve unfortunately not been taking care of my teeth for a number of years and due to this I have now got a couple of teeth that have worn/rotten themselves down inside my gums.
Alongside this I have pretty wonky teeth. So inside of my mouth is a disaster.

Am I correct in thinking I have 2 options. Remove the bad teeth through the NHS and then pay for a brace to straighten the rest or take them all out and get a nice shiny set of new teeth?

Part 2 of my question would be asking you how much this would cost. Am I liable to get this done for free as a 24 year old, unemployed graduate? Hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you.

Hello and thank you for contacting me. This type of treatment would not be available through the NHS as it’s considered cosmetic and you would have to pay. It’s difficult to determine the correct course of action without examining you in person. I would advise you to seek out a consultation with an experienced dentist to find out where you stand regarding this and then work to saving up to pay for the treatment. I hope this helps to make thing clearer for you. Best wishes, Marcus Gambroudes.
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