I’ve Just Had My Teeth Polished But The Stains On My Teeth Are Still There. What Else Can I Do?

Hi Dr Moore. I currently have brown stains on my teeth and I have just had a polished at the dentists but they are still there. How can I get rid of them? Are there any home treatments I can use? Or do I have to see someone? How much would it cost? Or am I just stuck with them? I drink a tea a lot and fizzy juice but have started to cut down on the juice but still drink tea but with no sugar. If you could help me that would be great as It affects my confidence and I find it hard to smile and talk to people.
Thank you for getting in touch. If you’ve just had them polished it might be stain within the enamel. You should ask your dentist about veneers or whitening to see if that could work. It’s important to note that it is not just the sugar in tea that can damage the teeth. It’s also the tannin in black tea particularly. I would suggest either to drink green or white tea and if you don’t like the sound of that drink or swill water after you drink tea. I hope this helps. Dr Andrew Moore.
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