Is There Any Way I Can Get Implants For Free As My Dentures Are Making My Life A Misery?

Hi Dr Shaffie. My dream is to have real teeth again. Since I was fitted with top dentures my worse nightmare has come true.  I am 49 years old and I’ve had top plastic dentures for 3 years now. I have stopped going out into the public I’ve lost my confidence completely. It’s impossible for me to ever save up whilst I’m on income support. My dream come true is to get my all my top teeth fitted with implants something is telling me to ask a dentist online. Is there any clinic which offer reduced rates to help my dream come true. Thank you.
Hi, I’m sorry to hear about your problems. I would suggest ask your dentist to refer you to Guys or Eastman hospital and they do teaching. If they aren’t local to you ask your dentist to try and refer you to your nearest teaching hospital. The waiting lists for these types of procedures can have lengthy waiting lists so you may have to be patient.  You may want to look around the various clinics in your area and online for prices as there may be other types of treatment you can go for to make your life easier, discounts may also be available. Thanks.
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