Is my dentist right to be attempting dental implant treatment again after they failed the first time?

Good Morning Dr Moore,
I embarked on implant treatment in 2003 and had my last six upper teeth removed and eight implants placed. One failed but I have seven which are fine and firmly sited. However, the bridgework (which took many months to get right, both in look and fit) keeps coming loose and I have had to return several times to get them removed and re-cemented in.
The dentist says this may be happening due to my strong bite (I have to wear a night guard because I grind my teeth).  My implants are placed around the front section (which he says is normal and that seven implants should be more than enough to support a full top bridge) however, because they kept coming loose he suggested removing the back teeth from the bridge leaving me with ten teeth. He thought that possibly because the bridge was not supported at the back it was rocking and coming loose?
This option has not worked and the bridge came loose within a few months again. I have now had a scan to see if there is sufficient bone further back to place another implant either side.
After looking at the scan he thinks he could place the implants at an angle just in front of where my sinus cavities are? Personally, I was hoping that they would be able to be placed further back creating a secure hold at the back of the bridge therefore allowing no movement. Apparently this is not an option without bone grafting.
Because I had an extremely traumatic time during my initial procedure (it took fourteen months to get everything right) I am obviously apprehensive about embarking on yet more treatment. He seems very confident that it would solve this problem.
Because of the issues I have experienced and also because we have built up a good relationship over the years he says he will do the work at basically cost price ?  but it still means me spending in the region of seven thousand pounds (two implants and new bridgework).
He also admits that the angled implants are a new thing and he has never placed them before but is confident.  I am concerned because of the proximity to me sinuses.  I feel a little lost as obviously I cannot discuss this with anyone qualified to give me advice and found this site online.
Please could you give me your independent view on things? Do you think what is suggested is the best option and is the price fair?
Thank you for your advice
Angling the implants works well to avoid a sinus lift and is something I’ve done many times with good results. The price also seem s fair as redoing the bridge is a very tricky and expensive thing to make, the lab costs are always high
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