I Want To Know Whether Tooth Whitening Can Solve The Problem Of Internal Tooth Discolouration?

I’d like to know if teeth whitening can solve the problem of a tooth that has internal/inside teeth yellow discolouration which started showing after the removal of milk teeth? The yellow colour covers the whole teeth but later washed off on its own without treatment but leaving six teeth at the front with the yellow colour though not much on the teeth. The yellow colour is on four teeth at the upper region and two at the lower region. The four at the upper region is shared two to left side after the front teeth and two at right side after the second front teeth, while the two at the lower region is one to the left and another one to the right side (both incisors). I’d appreciate your advice.
Hello, my advice would be that you don’t lose if you try. Very often you can make them whiter with bleaching with carbamide peroxide. I could give you further in depth advice upon seeing you in person however. I hope this helps. Dr Hussein Shaffie.
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