I Lost All My Top Teeth When I Was Pregnant, Are There Payment Options Available To Pay For Treatment?

Hi Dr Hughes. I currently have no top teeth and it is making me feel really depressed. I can’t use the dentures, they make me sick when I eat and it causes my gums get so sore. I don’t know what I need in my mouth or how many implants but I know I need help. I lost my teeth when I was pregnant with my four children. They broke and have felt bad about them since. Please can you help? I can’t afford to buy them straight away but if I could get finance on them I would pay every week.
Hello, thank you for your enquiry. It would be best to come and have an assessment so we could figure out what treatments are suitable for you. Finance options are available to pay for the treatment at a more manageable rate. You should use the pages on this website to get more familiar with the range of treatments that may be on offer to you. You could also ask your dentist to try and refer you to a local dental hospital. I hope this helps. Regards, Mark.
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