I Have To Wear An Acrylic Denture. Would A Dental Hospital Provide Me With Dental Implants For A Nominal Fee?

Hi Mark. I have a acrylic denture for my 2 front upper front teeth. My teeth have had extensive work prior to extraction and I have had an apicoectomy, numerous crowns, posts etc but I’ve not any long-term success. I would really like to have either implants or a bridge, however I can not afford the quote of £4000 minimum. My whole bottom and top set of teeth are quite poor. I clean twice daily but seem to suffer from broken teeth and I had my wisdom teeth out under general anaesthetic 40 years ago and again would love to have the gaps filled with teeth.
I find it difficult to chew food as the gaps leave the gums quite exposed.  Could dental hospital students do this work for a nominal fee?
Hello. You would need to ask your dentist to refer you. As a cosmetic private dentist, I am unaware of the costs they would charge and I believe the waiting lists are lengthy. The other options would be to pay over time using financial planning to spread the cost of treatments to make costs more manageable. If you would like to find information on dental implants and bridges you can search this website for information. I hope this helps. Regards, Mark.
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