I Have Temporary Veneers That Are Affecting My Speech, Will The Permanent Veneers Resolve This Problem?

I am having two veneers on my two front teeth replaced. Originally my temporary veneers were thick and too long and I had a problem with pronouncing letters and also they dug into my lower lip. The temporaries have now been thinned and shortened and that has removed the problem except that now my speech feels lazy. My priority has always been speech over look of teeth so I am concerned now there is another issue.

My dentist and I both agree that the temps are now too short and that the permanent veneers will be longer.

Do you think that the current shorter length of the temp veneers could be the cause of the lazy speech and that it will therefore resolve when the permanent ones are slightly longer? Also, to the left of front teeth I have an old bridge which is has always stuck out beyond adjacent front tooth at the bottom of the tooth. My dentist has matched the position of the veneers to this bridge which means my teeth will be positioned further forward . Do you think that having teeth in a more forward position could be the cause of lazy speech? Thanks.

It could well be the case that the size, length of your new temp veneers may be contributing to the speech issues. What would be very important BEFORE making any new dental restorations would be to ensure that with temporary or ‘prototype’ veneers that these issues are resolved. Then the temps can be copied for the final ones.

So what is very important is for some modification of your temps to be done at this stage to get things looking and sounding right

I would suggest that a very experienced cosmetic dentist carries this out for you



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