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What is the Best Way to Restore my Lower Molars?

Monday, January 12th, 2015

Good evening Dr Hughes. I would like to get more information on dental bridges. A few weeks ago my dentist extracted two teeth on different sides of the jaw. Both teeth were in the same place, just different side of the mouth, the lower jaw molars.What is the best way to restore them? Would it be bridges or something else? My other teeth are healthy, but it’s getting difficult to chew any solid food.. What are the prices of dental bridge and how long does this procedure last? Thank you. 

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Would it be Possible to Have an Implant to Replace a Broken Crown?

Wednesday, September 17th, 2014

Hello Dr Hughes. My crown (second from middle) recently became loose. My dentist removed it and stuck it temporarily, but it came out the next day. About ten years ago my crown broke off and the then dentist replaced it by putting a post into the tooth, and this has now apparently broken. My current dentist has told me that he now cannot drill into my root and crown and so I need to consider having the root out and a bridge put in, or would it be possible to have an implant? The root seems to be OK from what I can see, it’s not loose. I don’t understand why the dentist cannot put in another post. Can you make any suggestions please?

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I’ve Been Told I Need an Apicectomy, but the Pain Has Subsided. Do I Still Need Treatment?

Tuesday, September 9th, 2014

Hi Dr Hughes, I hope you are well. I have been told by my dentist that I need an apicectomy above my bridge (the 3 top teeth). Unfortunately, I didn’t ask enough questions at the consultation so I’m not really sure what this means, and the dentist said I may have gum shrinkage afterwards. Will this be noticeable? I am not in any pain anymore and I don’t think I want it done if it’s going to look funny, and it will be pointless if I no longer need it. Also, I have to have another apicectomy on the bottom gold crown, but this time I have to go to an outpatients hospital instead. Thank you for your help. 

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My Dental Bridge Feels Grainy Against My Tongue. Can This be Polished Smooth?

Monday, September 8th, 2014

Hey Dr Hughes. I have just had a 4 tooth dental bridge fitted by my dentist, and the bridge feels great with no pain. However, the texture of the bridge is not smooth, it feels grainy against my tongue, as if there is grit under the glaze. I had 2 front crowns done by the same dentist last year and they feel great, the texture is smooth and glass like. The bridge is on the upper back 4 teeth. This problem is irritating me no end. My question is, can this be polished smooth in my mouth without harming the glaze or should I request a new bridge? Will removing the bridge harm the original teeth underneath? Many thanks.

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Could I Receive Dental Treatment From A Dental Student For Reduced Rates? I Need Dental Work Taken Care Of.

Friday, August 29th, 2014

Hello Dr Gambroudes, I just want to ask a quick question. I’m 19 and I need work done on my teeth. I’ve had a bridge fitted and a few teeth built up to look more natural. I was told they would only last a few years and I would now like something more permanent. I’ve heard from friends that I can get teeth done by a student dentist. I was wondering if you can recommend anything. I’m very self-conscious about the way my teeth look and would like something to be done. Thank you.

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My Maryland Bridge Keeps Coming Loose But I’m Reluctant To Go Elsewhere As My Dentist Is Usually Fantastic. What Should I Do?

Thursday, March 27th, 2014

Dear Dr Hughes. I have had a Maryland bridge (1) wing only fitted recently, I visited the dentist the day after I had it in as the bridge came out, this was then re-bonded. This lasted 2 days before it again came loose, the bridge was again refitted. It’s now loose again. The dentist can’t understand what’s gone wrong? He’s used to another type of adhesive? I need to ring again tomorrow. What should I do? I’m fed up and I have sore teeth, with all the bonding being taken on/off.  He is normally a fantastic dentist? Thank you in advance.

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I Have Temporary Veneers That Are Affecting My Speech, Will The Permanent Veneers Resolve This Problem?

Tuesday, October 1st, 2013

I am having two veneers on my two front teeth replaced. Originally my temporary veneers were thick and too long and I had a problem with pronouncing letters and also they dug into my lower lip. The temporaries have now been thinned and shortened and that has removed the problem except that now my speech feels lazy. My priority has always been speech over look of teeth so I am concerned now there is another issue.

My dentist and I both agree that the temps are now too short and that the permanent veneers will be longer.

Do you think that the current shorter length of the temp veneers could be the cause of the lazy speech and that it will therefore resolve when the permanent ones are slightly longer? Also, to the left of front teeth I have an old bridge which is has always stuck out beyond adjacent front tooth at the bottom of the tooth. My dentist has matched the position of the veneers to this bridge which means my teeth will be positioned further forward . Do you think that having teeth in a more forward position could be the cause of lazy speech? Thanks.

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After A Tooth Abscess, I Need Bridge Work. Have I Been Quoted A Reasonable Price?

Wednesday, August 21st, 2013

In December, I had a massive tooth abscess resulting in the loss of one tooth next to my top front tooth. On the X-ray taken the dentist also discovered what was a large (16 mm) hole above it and some loss of bone around abscess area. This hole has now shrunk and I’ve been told I need a top front bridge to fill the gap (porcelain). Also my dentist has suggested I need three veneers on the other side as one tooth is set back out of alignment with the others costing a total of £4200. I’m uncertain about this, does it sound about right or should is it sensible to get more quotes!

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After Suffering A Traumatic Attack I Want Dental Implants, How Many Do I Need?

Monday, August 19th, 2013

I had a consultation today I was told I would need to have a bone augmentation procedure as I lost my front tooth through trauma when I was only sixteen years old. I was attacked and beaten really badly, the subsequent injuries I sustained were a hairline fracture of my tooth above the gum line, a broken nose, head trauma, bruising and also anxiety nightmares. I am very nervous and afraid to leave
the house. My parents wanted me to go to the hospital, but that made me feel very frightened. Please can you give me an insight as to what the procedure would entail and how long it would take, roughly. Many thanks. I look forward to receiving your professional opinion. It still effects me to this very day and as you can imagine a denture plate was what my dentist said was my only option at that time, the fracture happened in my top front right
tooth. I want to have dental implants, I had to have my three front teeth removed, my two front teeth and the
tooth to the right also, as my
bridge was damaged. How many
implants to you think I will need?

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Is It Okay To Place Braces Over A Maryland Bridge?

Thursday, June 13th, 2013

Hi, I wondered if you could help me? when i was 12 i had braces to open
up a space. This space had to be opened up in order to compensate for my
missing lateral incisors which had to be replaced with dental implants. Now i
am 18 and have been told there is not enough space in the roots to place the
actual dental implant and I have been advised to have even more orthodontic
treatment, i am just wondering if the braces can be placed over the maryland
bridge i currently have and also how long it would take to open up roughly 4mm
of space for dental implants to be placed? This work is taking forever, I just want it finished!! I feel like my whole life is on hold…Anyway, thank you very much for in advance. 

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