I Have Swelling Under My Jawbone And Some Toothache When I Lie Down, What Could This Be?

Hello Dr Marcus, I have a toothache on my right side coming from one of the lower back teeth (I’m sorry, I don’t know the proper name) and there is a little swelling underneath my jaw bone on the same side. I believe I had the same problem a few months ago but without the swelling, and the pain went away by itself. It feels like the pain tends to get more intense when I’m lying down or when I stand up from lying down, I was really hoping you could help me try and diagnose this problem?
Hi there. It is difficult to make a diagnosis without seeing you in person, however if you are getting a swelling associated with a tooth, it would normally indicate that you have some kind of an infection. This may be associated with the gum or the tooth and may come and go as you described. I would suggest making an appointment to see your dentist to confirm this. I hope this helps you with your enquiry. Kind Regards, Dr Marcus Gambroudes.
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