I Have Crowns Coming Loose And One Is Being Held In Place With A Peg. What Can Be Done To Fix It?

Hi, I have crowns on either side of my front teeth and the left one is loose and being held in by tooth peg which I think has maybe caused an infection as my gums are sensitive and bleed now and my right has ‘snapped’ off half way so I still have the top part remaining in my gum. Can I have these two teeth removed and put onto a pallet? My loose right crown has come out once before and was immediately loose after being put back in by a dentist hence the tooth peg. Thank you in advance for any help you can offer in advance.
Yes, one option for you is to have both these teeth removed and added to a removable denture, sometimes referred to a “palate”.

You could also possibly have bridges made or dental implants. It may also be possible to replace both crowns, maybe with post-crowns and root canals may be required first?

It would be best to seek some professional advice following a thorough examination and X-rays. Kind regards, Dr Mark Hughes.

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