I Don’t Want The Gap Left By An Impacted Tooth Any More. What Are My Options?

Hi Dr Hughes. I would like some information and advice to help me out. I have a tooth, which, when I was younger that grew across the roof of my mouth. This was removed at a young age, when I was thirteen years old. Since then, the tooth next to my front two has spread into the gap. I would like to get this changed so it looks like 2 teeth. What are my options? I don’t want to have a gap any more. The tooth removed was the 2nd one after my front two and the one that’s next to my front 2 (top) has now in the middle of the gap showing a gap either side. Thank you in advance for your help, I look forward to hearing from you.
Hello. Thank you for writing in. It is quite very difficult to say what would work best without seeing your case in person or through pictures. Could you send some photos?

http://www.invisiblebracesgroup.co.uk/upload.html. This would help me get back to you with a greater level of accuracy. Regards, Mark.

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