How much would lingual six month smile braces cost?

Hi there Dr Rob

i was wondering if i could get a quick estimate? how much roughly would lingual six month smile braces cost. I’ve found estimates for normal six month smiles in a place in Birmingham for around £1400, im not sure if this would be an accurate quote. i was wondering whether the cost of lingual six month braces normally be considerably higher than this? Ive been online and have seen both the dental suites in leicester as well as one in loughborough are advertising that they do this type of lingual six month smile treatment. i was hoping you would you know of any place in/around birmingham who also offer this service?

Hi there, what you really need to do- and what I would say in order to get a realistic quote is that you really need to be assessed by your dentist. The prices are competetive for this type of specialist orthodontic practice. Thanks, Rob
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