How Long Do White Crowns Last And How Easily Are They Broken On Children?

My son is Two years is there any way that his sliver crown tooth may it be removed and replaced with a white one? If so how long does a white crown last I was told by his dentist it will only last a short period of time like two or three weeks and that he would be able to brake it the same day he got it. Is that true or they just didn’t want to do the work done? I’m not realy a fan of silver crowns .Thank you for you time.
Hello, thank you for your question. It is very difficult for me to answer without seeing the patient. However, I assume from what you are telling me that you are indeed talking about a filling not a crown. If this is the case, it used to be potentially true that white (composite) fillings were not as stong as silver (amalgum) fillings. It would depend on the area and size of the filling if this is the case in your son’s treatment. I would advise you go back to your dentist to check if in your son’s case the filling is in an area that is likely to make the filling unstable.

I hope this helps

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