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My 3-Year Old’s Teeth are Damaged. Will Cosmetic Dentistry Help?

Thursday, October 30th, 2014

Hello Dr Hughes. I’ve taken my three year old to the dentist.  His three front teeth are badly damaged, and the front two are corroded in the middle from poor dental care on my part, and drinking from bottled milk and fruit juices I’ve been told nothing can be done to fix them,  but is there anything he could get done cosmetically to cover this damage? Maybe filling it in or caps? Although all I can to is prevent the damage from getting worse, I don’t want my son to have to go through school or nursery with this and feel self conscious because of my mistakes. Thank you. 

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My Grandson’s Tooth Was Knocked And Is Going Dark, What Can Be Done?

Tuesday, June 11th, 2013

My grandson fell and injured one of his front baby tooth it has gone grey there appears to be no infection he is only three and his teeth were beautiful is there anything that can be put on the tooth to make it white. As it will be a least three or four years before the adult tooth appears. My daughter took him to the dentist and they said the tooth may go black there appears to be no infection on the gum. I hope you can help because I feel really bad just having him with a dark tooth and being able to do nothing about it. Thank you very much.

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What Can Be Done About My Daughter’s Fluorosis?

Monday, April 29th, 2013


I am a New Zealander living in Stockholm .Sweden.
We have an 11yr old daughter with fluorosis.She was exposed to too much fluoride around 5-8yrs old.
It is affecting her confidence and she is constantly being questioned about her yellow teeth. She has 2 large white spots on her front teeth.
At times the white spots are very prominent. The difference between her baby teeth and permanent teeth are extreme.We have been trying Mi Paste but have not seen any difference. We hope that this may help strengthen her teeth. Should we be using a fluoride toothpaste…if so, which one?. We are suffering with this and wonder what options we have . We realise that we probably have to wait until she is older…or does she? We would appreciate your thoughts regarding treatments.Is there anything that we can do now?
We are more than willing to visit your office.
A big thanks.

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Is Fluorosis Irreversible?

Tuesday, February 12th, 2013

My daughter of seven years has badly stained teeth from using too much fluoride toothpaste and probably swallowing it. I overbrushed her teeth not realising the negative effects this could have on young teeth. Her self-esteem is affected now and she’s embarassed to smile. Do you have any advice? She’s using a non-fluoride toothpaste now and drinking bottled water. She’s also allergic to dairy products and is taking a calcium supplement. Is the fluorosis irreversible?Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks and we look forward to your reply.

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How Long Do White Crowns Last And How Easily Are They Broken On Children?

Monday, January 7th, 2013

My son is Two years is there any way that his sliver crown tooth may it be removed and replaced with a white one? If so how long does a white crown last I was told by his dentist it will only last a short period of time like two or three weeks and that he would be able to brake it the same day he got it. Is that true or they just didn’t want to do the work done? I’m not realy a fan of silver crowns .Thank you for you time.

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My granddaughters teeth have rotted all the way up to her gums, what should I do?

Tuesday, November 20th, 2012

Hi there, I wondered if you could help me? My 5 year old grand daughter has very rotten teeth which have reached gum level they are now rotting in the gum and she is in pain this in turn is causing her to have ear ache. what is the remedy for this? They are still her milk teeth. BUT…Will the adult teeth grow and push these out since they have receded into the gum or will she need an operation to remove them? She has had this problem for the past few days and have been treating her with ponstan for the pain and some olive oil in the ear for the pain there. Thank you in advance for the advice. 

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Is there any way to replace my little girl’s lost tooth?

Monday, October 29th, 2012

My little girl is 22 months and she fell and hurt her front lower incisor about 4 months ago, it firmed up a little but now she has lost it completely as at her age I can’t stop her from putting things in her mouth. The dentist said it looks as though it has come out at the root, but that there isn’t anything that can be done cosmetically. I am distressed that she may have to wait until she is 7 with a gap at the front of her teeth. Is there anything that could be done or anyone you could recommend in the Solihull/Birmingham/West Mids area. I donât mind what it costs I woud just love to fix it for her somehow.

Many thanks

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