How is Cosmetic Dental Insurance Different to Normal Dental Insurance?

Hey there, I’m just enquiring on how cosmetic dental insurance is different to normal dental insurance.
I’m going to need implants soon due to having gum disease and I’m too anxious, If I had to wear dentures and would be too embarrassed. I regret not looking after my teeth well enough when I was younger but I was never encouraged too! If I had the money I’d have implants on all my teeth, as my back ones went quite bad when I was pregnant. I also built up a huge fear of dentists as I wasn’t encouraged to go, but I have started to and had a couple of fillings done. I want a perfect smile, but financially I can’t and it gets me down so much! Thank you and kind regards. 
Hello, thank you for your question. As a rule, cosmetic dentistry is not available through most normal dental insurance policies so you would probably have to pay. Kind regards, Andrew. 
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