How Can I Recover The Appearance Of My Teeth After Suffering Gum Disease?

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I have been told by my dentist i have gum disease and have had root planing treatment. I am 43 and before being told i had this disease i considered myself to have nice teeth no crowns caps , 2 filling etc and considered i had a good brushing routine, with regular visits to the dentist,
I am horrified that it has been missed by my dentist. I have bone loss and my gums have receded leaving gaps between my teeth. my front teeth have shifted and i am going to have a brace fitted to correct this. my lower 4 front teeth look horrendous due to recession would a gum graft correct this?. i cry most days because i no longer have a smile and also now suffer anxiety attacks .I need to have this corrected as i know i will never be happy until i do , I loved my smile.
I work in the beauty industry so you can imagine appearance is important . i do not think my dentist listens when i ask about the gaps and although i know now my gums are in good health as the probings are all 2s It is the appearance that makes me cry. please advise me on gum grafting and possible cost i am at my wits end.
many thanks for your time in reading this email.
Please come for a consutlation with both myself and also with our specialist periodontist as there may be a surgical or grafting solution as well as some clever restorative dentistry techniques that might improve the appearance. We need to see you and examine you in person to say if you would be suitable for the procedures and costs would vary depending on complexity, the number and the size of any grafts. Costs for one area of grafting are from £500 to £1000 and this usually involves 3-5 teeth.

I hope that helps for now

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