How Can I Make My Large Front Teeth Look Smaller?

I have quite large front teeth which are fine but my gums are receding quite a lot which i revealing more and more tooth. I know ways to slow down the gum receding but am looking for permanent ways to make my front teeth look smaller. Could they perhaps be removed and replaced with false ones or perhaps a bridge would work? I don’t particularly want proper false teeth just ones that are slightly smaller.
Not sure if this is even possible but would appreciate your comments on the matter. Many thanks for your time.
Hello, thank you for your question. There could be quite a few options open to you, from porcelain veneers to composite bonding or crowns. As you have suggested their removal and replacement with a bridge or dental implant-retained crowns could be done?

Please go and see someone local to you that is very experienced in replacing teeth or cosmetic dentistry or come and see us in London. I hope this helps! Regards


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