Do Flexible Braces Cause Speech Problems?

I wear NHS partial dentures but I find when I talk I sound weird and people cannot understand me very well, they say I’m swallowing my words. Because of this, I only wear my dentures occasionally. I have heard of flexible dentures being more natural. If I wear them would my speech be normal like my usual voice, or would I have the same problem? Also, because my speech sounds funny to me and others I always feel self conscious of getting into any conversations. I am not into implants as I am terrified of the dentist as it is and also I’m going to be 65 yrs old soon and I would rather save what little money I have towards my retirement.
Hello, many thanks for your question. If you wear your dentures more you’ll probably adapt quicker, the flexi dentures aren’t a lot better. Kind regards, Andrew. 
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