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My Dentist Says I Shouldn’t Whiten My Teeth, Should I Ignore Him?

Wednesday, February 6th, 2013

I’m desperate to get my teeth whittened,they’re not terrible but would love a brighter,whiter smile. I’ve had past trials and tribulations. During my mid-teens I suffered with bulimia which I think has contributed to why my teeth are sensitive already.I’m now 26 yrs old fit, healthy and recovered. But I’m forever using whitening toothpastes to attempt to achieve that white smile but still not satisfied! After to speaking to my dentist briefly he has advised me 1. To stop using whitenning tooth pastes and 2. That teeth whittening would be a bad option for me as I have sensitive teeth already,would. It be a terrible idea to ignore him?

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My Newly Filled Tooth Is Causing Me A Lot Of Pain, What Can I Do To Relieve It

Friday, January 25th, 2013

Dear whom it may concern,
I went to the dentist like a week ago and they said i need a filling. They drilled and put a dressing on and said if i am in pain i should come back but i haven’t been yet. I brushed on that tooth yesterday and its been hurting really bad. I only brush verwhere else not that part but when i did it seriously hurts. Also, when i drink water it feels nice and am in no more pain. It hurt occasionally but now its constant. Even when I touh it hurts, i think it may be inflamed.
How do i reduce the pain?
Thank you

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Should I worry about having jaw surgery after braces treatment?

Monday, June 18th, 2012

I have braces now and was told my jaws don’t match up and my best option would be to have jaw surgery after 9-12 months of braces. I also have TMJ which they said could be due to my jaws not matching. I put a lot of pressure on my back teeth when I bite and even brushing. I am really not so sure about the jaw surgery. I met with the surgeon and she talked about cutting my top jaw into three parts and expanding it then cutting my bottom jaw at the back of both sides and bringing it out some. I am 33 years old, am I too old to have some sort of spacers to widen my top jaw instead of jaw surgery? Is there any other alternative to jaw surgery for widening?

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Can sedation help me with my dental phobia?

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

I have a dentist fear of the dentistry tools and of the actual dentist and I hate needles. This has grown and only appeared a few years ago after having teeth whitening and it was with a dentist that let me suffer sensitivity whilst me telling them it was hurting my teeth an dthem choosing to ignore it I suffered terribly sensitivty and as a consqeunce mistrust in the dentisand therefore I always change dentists for things. I opt for iv sedation which doesnt do anything until I m ready or treatment but it is hard enough to get through the doors of the surgery. I need a hygieiniest clean and two teeth removed as a checkup said and Ii may need a filling. ? Can I also be sedated and get all of that done? Can I be sedated before I go in? The thought of seeing a dentist in a dentist room is beyond petrifying I wouldnt mind if the dentist came to my work. Is that possible at least I feel marginally in control. Many thanks, 

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I have accidentally removed a lot of tooth enamel, is there anything I can do?

Friday, August 19th, 2011

I have been using high strength ascorbic acid for two weeks. The bottle says brush teeth after use. I have and now I have removed lots of enamel off my teeth. I am in so much pain. How long will this pain last and how long does it take to remineralise the teeth. My dentist is unsure of the degree of loss and has painted temporary varnish to heal my teeth. How long does it take the teeth to remineralise or will I suffer forever. My teeth are very see through.

Help Iam getting married in three weeks and before this had lovely teeth. I am so upset.

Thank you for your time 

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Why are my teeth so sensitive?

Tuesday, July 12th, 2011

I have receeding gums and sensitive eating icecream one day is fine the next terrible pain. always have sensitve teeth even when i have not ate or drunk anything for a couple of hours.wake up in the morning sensitive teeth not painful but pain always in the background. dentist told me my brushing is perfect but i have to admit many years ago i use to scrub my teeth very very hard hence why they are probably the way they are. hospital told me to see my dentist soon so that he can put something on my gums and use a type of light on them which will happen in a couple of weeks then back to hospital in october to see how they are. hop you can help as i want them whitened.

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