My Dentist Says I Shouldn’t Whiten My Teeth, Should I Ignore Him?

I’m desperate to get my teeth whittened,they’re not terrible but would love a brighter,whiter smile. I’ve had past trials and tribulations. During my mid-teens I suffered with bulimia which I think has contributed to why my teeth are sensitive already.I’m now 26 yrs old fit, healthy and recovered. But I’m forever using whitening toothpastes to attempt to achieve that white smile but still not satisfied! After to speaking to my dentist briefly he has advised me 1. To stop using whitenning tooth pastes and 2. That teeth whittening would be a bad option for me as I have sensitive teeth already,would. It be a terrible idea to ignore him?
They will definitely be more sensitive with whitening and you might have lost too much enamel from your bulimia, it might be worth considering veneers or to try gradual home tooth whitening with professionally made trays worn over an extending period
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